Chassidy stars for Ivor Walters Primary

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis— She received the distinction of receiving her awards in front of the entire school, at the Ivor Walters Primary School, on Monday 1st February and her classmates and schoolmates, cheered loudly.

It was a special day for little Miss Chassidy Kelly who had participated in an art competition hosted by the St.Kitts Bottling Company which climaxed on the sister island, in a ceremony held on Friday 29th January.

Chassidy won in the primary schools’ segment, beating all of her contemporaries throughout the federation, with a fantastic piece aptly entitled: “Tropical Sparkle Park.’

For her efforts, the young talented grade sixer won an ASUS computer and a trophy, while her school became $1,000.00 EC richer.

Chassidy took time out to thank God, her mother Olivia Kelly and her teachers, who all had a hand in helping her to finalize her idea into the eventual ‘sparkle’ creation.

A happy Chassidy declared confidently: “This now makes me more eager for test of standards and it gives me courage to do my best”.

Her obviously delighted mom, Ms. Olivia Kelly, noted that she was very proud of her daughter and expects more great results from her in the future.

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