Christian Says ‘Thank You’ to Digicel for US $1,000 Gift

Mary Christian was on Maid duty, religiously for the past four years at the Joseph N. France Hospital. She had no idea that an unexpected phone call from Digicel’s Marketing Representative on Wednesday 11th December would have brightened her Christmas in such an extraordinary day.

With a text message notification from Digicel St. Kitts & Nevis, Mary realized that her mobile network of choice for several years, had launched a Christmas Promotion whereby, if she activated a 4G Internet Plan on her Smartphone, she had the chance of winning One Thousand US Dollars. That’s exactly what happened and in a ‘game of luck’ Digicel’s 2013 Brighten Someone’s Christmas Campaign enrolled Mary Christian as another winner of US $1,000.

Mary Christian met the Digicel Team in person earlier today and after more tears, hugs and wishes of congratulations from her telecommunications family, Mary openly thanked Digicel for the early Christmas gift and says part of the money will be saved in the bank and the other portion will spent on her three children, who in her words, are “her life.”

Every Monday to Friday on ZIZ TV during the news, Digicel customers are surprised with Christmas gifts of US $1,000. Upon receiving the phone call, some winners cry, others laugh out loud and a few question if it is a prank. But altogether, with thirteen winners equally sharing US $13,000 so far, the word is out that Digicel’s 2013 Christmas Promotion is not a hoax. Everyday people doing extraordinary things are truly being rewarded every day until Christmas Eve at which time there will be three cash prizes in one night –US$1,000 US$3,000 and US$5,000.

Join Mary Christian and other the Digicel customers in winning up to US$5,000 this Christmas. Winning is easy – Top up your prepaid phone with $20 credit or more, Activate a 4G Data plan for your Smartphone, Pay your postpaid bill in full by December 24 or Purchase any Smartphone available at Digicel Stores in Basseterre & Charlestown.

Congratulations are also in order for the other Digicel winners so far in this week’s nightly US $1,000 giveaway – Patrice Bernier of Ross University and Tristan Wattley, a courteous and hardworking public passenger bus driver.

To see Mary and others winning their US $1,000 cash prizes, Digicel St Kitts & Nevis’ Facebook page is updated daily with videos. Please log in, like the page, view and feel free to leave a comment at Season’s Greetings to all from Digicel- Be Extraordinary.

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