Christians and Culturama – Churches Urge Persons to be Mindful of Behavior

By: Staff Writer

[Charlestown, Nevis] – With the launching of the contestants for Culturama 43 having taken place last week, the pastors of various churches on Nevis are urging persons to be mindful of their behavior on the streets and at the various venues during the festivities.

According to one pastor, Rev. Christopher Archibald of the St. Paul’s Anglican Church located in Charlestown, the Anglican Church is not against Culturama but there are certain elements that people should be mindful of.

“Culturama is a festival that celebrates our culture. It is tradition and brings on display, customs dating back from the time of slavery and it is an important part of our identity. However, what we do not condone about Culturama is the vulgarity that some persons behave with,” he stated.

Furthermore, it was Rev. Archibald who gave the invocation at last Friday’s launch, asking God’s blessings on this year’s activities.  He hoped that the festival would be conducted with order and decency.

However, not every church leader is of the opinion that Christians should participate in Culturama. One pastor spoke for his denomination, explaining why he does not support the festival.

“As a Wesleyan Church, we do not indulge in Culturama.  While it involves culture, to a large extent it also involves revelry which we feel is not in line with our holiness, beliefs and principles.”

The official activities for Culturama 43 will run from Thursday, July 27, 2017 until Saturday, August 8. 2017. On August 19, 2017 the festival ends with the prize giving and closing ceremony.


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