Christmas Is In The Air-Lighting Ceremonies Commence This Week

Charlestown –Nevis- For those persons who are complaining that they are not feeling the Christmas spirit, they will not have any further complaints after tomorrow –Wednesday 5th December.

If Director of Community Development, Mrs. Janet Meloney and her staff, have anything to say in the matter, the whole of Nevis will be feeling the Christmas vibes, come Wednesday 4th December, when the mother of all Christmas tree lighting ceremonies on Nevis, will be held.

Yes, it will indeed be the much anticipated Christmas tree lighting ceremony for Charlestown, which will be held at the Memorial square, which had a magnificent face lift over the weekend.

According to Mrs. Meloney, there will be a musical interlude from 6 pm and the actual ceremony, which involves a concert styled setting, will commence at 7pm.

She is forewarning persons who plan to attend, to get there early, if they really want to be seated.

Some of the acts, to be featured, would be Gospel song winner from earlier this year, Ebuka Agwunobi and Wigley Daniel, along with a multiplicity of various acts, in terms of top local singers; bands and poets.

The patron for this year, will be Mrs. Olivia Jeffers of Craddock Road, who has been a long serving Baby sitter within her community.

She will be the one privileged this year, to pull the switch and light up the town.


There will be the usual speeches by Parliamentarians and the singing of Christmas carols etc.

According to Mrs. Meloney, it’s an event that persons cannot afford to miss.

As regards the other Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, Mrs. Meloney noted that she was still fine tuning the dates but the tentative list is as follows:

Charlestown –Memorial square-December 5th at 7 pm

Maude Smith –School grounds-December 5th at 3 pm

Zion Village –Bottom of Zion-December 8th at 7 pm

Butlers-Community Center grounds –December 10th at 7 pm

Government Road-Top of Government Road – December 12th at 7 pm

Jessups-Community Center Grounds-December 12th at 7 pm

Newcastle-Cacky’s Shop-December 13th at 7 pm

Craddock Road-Across from Ms. Myers’ Shop-December 13th at 7 pm

Cotton Ground-Community Center Grounds-December 14th at 7 pm

Camps/Combermere-XPetrol Gas Station grounds-December 14th at 7 pm

Cane Garden-Upper Cane Garden-December 15th at 7 pm

Market Shop-Market Shop-December 15th at 7 pm

Prospect-Elderly home-December 15th at 7pm

Brick Kiln-opposite Squeeze up bar-December 15th bat 7 pm

Fountain/Mount Lily –next to Elfreda’s Cornelius shop-December 15th at 7 pm

Pond Hill-Pond Hill-December 16th at 7 pm

Westbury/Cades Bay-Geothermal bar-December 17th at 7 pm

Hanley’s Road-Community Center Grounds-December 17th at 7 pm

Cox-Cox Gazebo- December 17th at 7 pm

Barnes Ghaut-Community Center grounds-December 18th at 7 pm

Church Ground-Church Ground Hill-December 18th at 7 pm

Stoney Grove-Palm Gardens-December 19th at 7 pm

Brown Hill-Community Center Grounds-December 19th at 7 pm

Garner’s –Icelma Daniel’s shop-December 19th at 7 pm

Bath-Round about Square-December 21st at 7 pm

Rawlins Village-Next to Pauline’s Shop at Cart Path-December 22nd at 7 pm

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