“Christmas time”

By :Lea Parris
Friends of Pink Lily,

I have always loved Christmas time. My mum always made it special for my sister Tracy and I as children and my Irish grandmother would always remind us of the true meaning of Christmas and of how fortunate we were; when there were so many people around the world who were far less fortunate in one way or another. I especially love that we make every effort to get together as a family and spend quality time together.

Christmas time is a season when many people worldwide show goodwill, love, kindness and generosity to others and are full of the joys of the season.

It is often a time of reflection; of the memories from the past year and anticipation for the promise of a New Year and new opportunities.

Christmas is a time that many people embrace for different reasons. Christians remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Children get excited by the promise of presents to open on Christmas morning. Friends and colleagues look forward to Christmas parties.

Sweethearts cant wait to see gifts of love being opened and families look forward to spending quality time together.
Christmas is also a time that many people dread because they are facing Christmas alone, estranged from their family, struggling financially, homeless or hungry.

This is Pink Lily’s 7th Christmas serving St. Kitts & Nevis.
We continually strive to raise awareness of cancer and encourage the early detection of cancer to save lives but the sad reality is that we will also lose loved ones to cancer and therefore need to be able to be there to comfort and support our clients during such emotional and sad times.

This Christmas many people are newly bereaved and in mourning. Some are facing their first Christmas without a loved one, while others are still missing the presence of loved ones who have passed.
As Christmas approaches, another year passes and a New Year is on the horizon; I would like to share a prayer for comfort, strength and peace for all who have a heavy heart, feel lost, sad, lonely, uncertain, broken hearted or are thinking of loved ones who they have lost to cancer or any other illness.

“Heavenly Father
This Christmas, someone will be absent from the dining table as Christmas dinner is served.
There will be a voice missing and silence where there was once laughter.
This Christmas, children will be missing the tenderness of their mothers or the strong presence of their fathers.
Mothers and fathers will feel a void left by the loss of a beloved child.
Siblings will miss the excited chatter of their brother or sister. Husbands and wives will feel an emptiness left by the absence of their companion. A sense of loss and sadness will be felt all around this Christmas.

Father you have called home our loved ones to be with you.
May families take comfort in knowing that this Christmas, loved ones will be lovingly
and protectively looking down, watching and smiling over us; praying and penetrating into our hearts, so that we can feel their presence, warmth and love.

As we close our eyes at night, wake in the morning and throughout our long days, let us feel the love of our loved ones in our hearts.

This Christmas, give us comfort, strength, hope, courage and a sense of peace.

Give us love and laughter once again as we hold on to the wonderful memories of our loved ones.

Help those of us left behind to continue living happy and fulfilled lives until the day we meet our loved ones again.
In the face of uncertainty; give hope, courage and strength to all those touch by and living with cancer, that they may find peace throughout their journey.

Thank you Father


Wishing all the families of St. Kitts & Nevis a Love & Peace filled Christmas and renewed hope, strength and laughter for 2015

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