The Way I See It

The way I see it, somebody ought to come up with a new invention, so that people can be whisked in short order, to their stated place of destination, rather than have to travel via airplanes.
Airplanes are scary business.

If you ask me, I would prefer to travel on a boat than on an airplane. If something goes wrong on a boat, I have the confidence that outside of praying to God for help, I can dive into the water and at least try to swim to safety, with God’s help of course.
However, if something goes wrong up in the air, I was never taught how to fly and so I would be one hapless, helpless soul—but for God!

I am sure some of you remember when I wrote about an incident a couple of years ago, when I was enroute to England, with the Cultural contingent from Nevis..
That aircraft, just suddenly took a nose dive. The air hostesses in the aisle, were flung onto seated passengers; people lined up to go the rest room were scattered all over the place!
Well I newa!

As for me, I really thought that ‘this was it,’ and I prayed for God to help me and of course– US.
Well, it could have been that the Pilot had lost control for 30 seconds but it seemed like 30 minutes.
He later apologized and said that the aircraft had hit some clouds or something that he did not pick up on the radar.
Well, I just read a scary article that prompted me to write this.

Somewhere in the USA, a guy who works as a mechanic, deliberately tampered with the computer for a particular airplane, because he wanted to be called to do overtime work.
Well I newa!
He was picked up by surveillance cameras and recognized by his distinctive limp.
He admitted to the felony and stated that he had no intentions of putting the passengers in harm’s way.
What comfort!

I can’t forget travelling to St. Croix with the Masters’ team one day on small airplane with just the Pilot alone in control.
As I am I went to sleep (can’t help myself, so trying not to stress myself).
Half way into the trip, I woke up and realized that to a man, all of the other guys were fast asleep.
Something crossed my mind and I looked quickly towards the Pilot. After all, he is human too and suppose he had fallen asleep too……..
He had not and I relaxed but certainly started to worry about the fact that he did not have a co-Pilot.
Suppose he had a sudden ‘bad feeling’?
Suppose he had a heart attack?

Another time, I was on an airplane and honestly as it taxied down the runway and went airborne, I was really impressed with the pilot.
So why in the world, did I suddenly feel this sense of trepidation and dread, when the Pilot announced HERSELF.
Yes, it was a woman flying the thing and suddenly I was scared.
And I am not sexist eh and to her credit, it is probably one of the best landings I have ever been a part of…and I have been in many.

Some of those guys would drop the plane like a hot potato and apparently forget that human beings were on board!
I have seen some weird things in my travels too:
People making the sign of the cross, before and after the aircraft takes off or lands.
I have seen people literally tear out the seat in front of them, holding on for dear life.
Small wonder, some planes labour to get up in the air!
Not to forget, the Public Works departments in the various territories. They are probably not paying due care and attention.
There are still too many potholes up there and every now and again the plane would land in some and you don’t want to see the sacred faces.
Trust me, people love to travel but nobody is really ready to die.

As I speak of travel, maybe I like to travel but the actual travelling part I do not really love. I love to go to new destinations though.
If you can put me on the plane and set me to sleep like MR. T and then I wake up at my destination of choice, maybe I would be fine.
Travel involves the hassles of packing; unpacking; going through immigration and customs; filling out those long ‘unnecessary’ forms, with the small writing….
Some people falsify their documents, like saying they do not have anything to declare and still have all kinda things hide up in all kinda towels.

My first trip to St. Lucia when I went for my first long term course of study, was a horrific experience.
My mother had helped to pack my bags and being the caring woman that she was, she put in about a dozen Amory Polly mangoes.
Boy, they were 12 of the best and biggest. We did not hide them. They were just there in a bag.
The Customs officials cruelly told me that I could not pass through with them and confiscated them.
Later Hobson, (of blessed memory), told me that they would have eaten them.
Well I newa!
He told me that a lady, placed in a similar situation sometime prior, ate all of her fruits in front of the officers and when her belly was filled, she just bit up the remaining ones!
Well, I guess that is extreme, but I look forward to a flight that will have no fear attached.

When Jesus returns a second time, ‘the dead in Christ will rise first and those that remain will be caught with him…..’
That is a flight that I am looking forward to and I know that ‘terms and conditions apply’ but I am hoping that by God’s grace, when the call is made, that I would not only qualify but be ready to take that flight.
I wish for you the same, dear reader.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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