Class Of ’81 Makes Scholarship Donations

Gingerland, Nevis- Representatives of the graduating class of 1981, from the Gingerland Secondary School, made a visit to their alma mater, on Friday 15th June.

Those present included Hon. Eric Evelyn Minister of Social Development et al; Mr. Shefton Liburd-Education officer; Mr. Edson Elliot-Permanent Secretary-Human Resources; Miss Agnola Hendrickson—Actress and Playwright (living in the USA) and Mr. Chesley Manners-Teacher at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC).

The brief proceedings were ably chaired by Mr. Shefton Liburd, who noted that the quality of professions that are held by the class of ’81 graduates, is testimony to the fact that the Gingerland Secondary School, has been good to them and hence the reason for their giving back to the school.

He pointed out that he and his class mates, already completed renovation works at the school last year and committed then, to a scholarship fund for two deserving students.

He indicated that the cheques to be presented covers the last school year and the upcoming school year.

Hon. Eric Evelyn for his part, implored the students to make the most of the opportunity being provided and urged the parents to continue to be supportive of them.

He told the students that they will not only be representing themselves, their families and their school, but also very importantly, they will be representing the class of ’81, in a real way. He urged them to stay away from negative vices and seek to do well.

Mr. Liburd further indicated to the students and parents, that apart from the cheques being presented, his class mates would also be willing to assist the students with their school work, whenever possible.

The cheques were presented to the students by Miss Agnola Hendrickson and Mr. Bernard Liburd spoke on behalf of the parents of the two students and expressed sincerest gratitude for the assistance being provided and pledged that they would do their utmost, to ensure that the children excel.

The two students, Eldon Liburd and Jareecia Browne, were all smiles, as they received the cheques.

Also present for the ceremony, was Headmistress at the school, Mrs. Lineth Williams.

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