Class Of ’84 Gives Back To Primary School Students

By :Curtis Morton
Charlestown –Nevis-It was a ceremony ‘with class and of class.’ After all, as stated by chairperson Delroy ‘Ras Iroy’ Pinney, the Charlestown Secondary School’s class of 1984, did everything with class.
The ceremony was held at the Education Department at Pinneys, on Friday 8th July.
It was one of the many ways that the CSS class of 1984, continues to make significant contributions to the community.
In his opening remarks, RAS IROY indicated that the Charlestown Secondary School had been good to them and thanked their many Teachers and Head Teachers, including Premier Vance Amory, Mr. Lawrence Richards and Mr. Pearlievan Wilkin for their contributions towards their development.
He pointed out that he and his fellow class mates were making a presentation to the ‘most deserving student,’ in each of the Government owned Primary schools on the island.
Mr. Emmanuel Richards aka EDDIE, gave an overview of the project. He noted that from since a class reunion was held in 2004, commitments were made to make contributions to their alma mater and the wider community.
They donated a computer to CSS and enhanced the school’s surroundings.
The first student assisted, was from the St.Thomas’ Primary school and this was followed in 2005, by another recipient from the Ivor Walters Primary School.
He noted that things went a little quiet as the class members concentrated on other important things like family and higher education.
However, he noted that the idea came to him and he shared it with Diana Richardson and from there, the other class members caught the vision and so it came to fruition. There were many fund raising efforts and class members in the diaspora also made their valuable contributions as well.
Principal Education officer, Mrs. Palsy Wilkin, was obviously elated. She commended the class of ’84 an making such a significant contribution and urged them to follow through in guiding the students throughout their school years. She appealed to the parents to play their lead role in nurturing the children and also urged the Teachers present to follow their progress throughout their high school years.
She noted that their positive progress was the collective responsibility of all.
Mrs. Dahlia Prentice then thrilled the gathering with her melodious voice and then the specially chosen students who had all demonstrated remarkable improvements in their academics, were presented with the gift packages, complements the class of ’84.
RAS IROY indicated that the gift packages included a knapsack (Nike brand); pens, pencils; sharpeners and geometry sets.
He beseeched them to take care of them and make the best possible use of them in the furtherance of their education.
Mr. Timothy Caines responded on behalf the parents and expressed gratitude for the class members for their thoughtfulness and sacrifice.
The vote of thanks was ably delivered by Mr. David Griffin and the gathering was later serenaded by the beautiful voices of four of the class members who created quite a stir with their two selections

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