Claxton Proud Of Development In Athletics

By Curtis Morton

Meet Frankie Claxton. The ardent sporting personality who now resides with his family in Anguilla but remains Nevisian at heart.

Frankie grew up at Ramsbury in Charlestown with his parents and siblings and excelled as one of the top speedsters over 100 meters at the Charlestown Secondary School. He also established himself as a mean fast bowler who certainly caused much trepidation for some of the opposing batsmen.

On leaving school he chose Teaching as a profession and ensured that the students in his care also took sports related activities seriously.

Small wonder, he was one of the early members of the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association (NAAA).

He worked hard to ensure that the local athletes were regular at training and gave of their best in local and regional competitions.

Later he became one of the lead persons in terms of Sporting activities at the prestigious Four Seasons resort before he moved on to another hotel chain in Anguilla.

Prior to his leaving, Frankie hosted the popular VON radio Sports program aired on Sunday nights.

He was one of the specially invited guests on March 28 when the Nevis Athletic Stadium aka THE MONDO TRACK was officially opened.

In an interview on that day, Claxton lauded the efforts of the Nevis Island Administration in acquiring the world class facility and opined that many local athletes will use the opportunity to excel and make it to the international stage.

He also took the time to single out some of the other stalwarts who started the NAAA such as Lester Blackett; Jennifer Hodge; Glenn Hanley and Janet Grell –Hull.

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