Clean School Winners Rewarded

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-A very important ceremony was held at the Ivor Walters Primary School on Wednesday 6th July.
That was the day that the winners in the CLEAN SCHOOL competition were announced and duly rewarded.
The competition was a collaborative effort between the Joan Robinson fund and the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority.
Representing the Joan Robinson fund, Miss Debra LA Louche, gave an overview of the competition, noting that it came out of an original idea previously put in place by then Manager at the NSWMA, Miss Carlene Lawrence. For that year, the competition was won by the VOJN Primary School.
She indicated that the program was fully supported by the NSWMA and their inspectors regularly checked the schools throughout the island, without giving them notice of their coming and each school was assessed accordingly, over a period of several months.
She noted that all of the schools did well but was proud to announce that the overall winner, the Ivor Walters Primary School had made a marked impression on the judges, not only with the cleanliness of the school but with the impressive wall signs, paintings and creative reuse of tyres to hold flowers.
She then announced that the second placed school, was interestingly, the neighbour to the IWPS, the Cecely Browne Integrated School (CBIS).
She stated that they too had made a distinct impression on the judges.
The winning school, the IWPS, was awarded with a certificate and a cheque for a whopping $1,000.00 EC and the CBIS was awarded with a certificate and a cheque for $500.00.
She advised them to use the money in whatever way they saw fit.
Miss Isabel Byron, who also represented the Joan Robinson fund, gave those present a historical overview of the lady, Joan Robinson and highlighted her many contributions to the Nevisian community. She also made mention of several of the other schools that had done exceptionally well, despite limitations such as no fencing etc.
Mr. Galdstone Edwards, the Research and Procurement Manager at the NSWMA, also added his congratulations to the winning school and thanked his Manager Mr. Andrew Hendrickson and the other hard working staff members for their contribution in making the contest a success. He advised the schools not to rest on their laurels now that the competition was over, but to continue to keep their surroundings clean.
Also present were: Martha Nisbett-Administrative officer and Delores Esdaille-Office Assistant.
Deputy Headmistress at the Ivor Walters Primary School, Mrs. Omel Brookes-Browne thanked the organizers and vowed that the school will continue to win similar competitions.
An overjoyed Mrs. Violet Clarke of the CBIS also thanked the organizers and noted the winning prize money will be used to improve the school and promised that the result of it would be seen at the start of the new term in September.

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