. Commissioner of Police Dismisses False Reports

Police Press Release
It is with deep dismay that Commissioner of Police, Ian M. Queeley, moves to dismiss false claims that he was present during an incident in which a young man was assaulted. The information in question alleges that an individual was assaulted in the presence of the Commissioner of Police at the White Sands event on Sunday, July 01. The allegation goes further, and implies that the Commissioner was among others who offered no assistance when it occurred. This information is false and contradicts the facts as presented to the Police.

On Sunday July 01, the complainant in the matter reported to the Commissioner of Police that he was assaulted and beaten. The Commissioner immediately directed the individual to the Inspector of Police on duty at the event to make a formal report, which he did. The complainant also indicated to the Inspector that he had already spoken with the Commissioner of Police about the incident and was told to lodge a formal complaint with him. The Inspector took all the necessary information regarding the matter. When asked about witnesses to the incident, at no point in time was the Commissioner ever identified as one of the persons present. The individual asked the Inspector what courses of action could be taken and the Inspector informed him of his options. After the explanation, the complainant decided that instead of having the Police handle the matter, he would seek his own legal recourse by speaking with a lawyer. Once the details of the report were received from the complainant and documented, the Inspector then went over to speak to the alleged offender and made enquiries.

It is truly unfortunate that such a malicious move would be undertaken by anyone to create such mischief. The Commissioner is deeply concerned with the extent to which such false reports are transmitted via social media, believed without verification, then shared again. The facts, as given to the Police, discredit the information being circulated and puts into question the motives of the creator of the message. It is particularly troubling because, although the Commissioner has publicly refuted the allegation on a call-in programme, the rumor continues to be propagated on social media. As such, the Commissioner would like to place on record, again, his disgust at such a willful act to bring his good office into disrepute. He is requesting that all persons circulating the falsehood cease and desist from doing so.

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