Community Development Month Set For May

By:Curtis Morton
Charlestown-Nevis-Mrs. Janet Meloney, Community Development Director on Nevis, was bubbling with anticipation, as she sat down to speak about the upcoming month of May, which is dedicated to community development on the island and understandably dubbed “COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MONTH.
Mrs. Meloney took time out to elaborate on some of the exciting activities that she and her staff have planned for the month, with the community involvement, as a total priority.e at the Barnes Ghaut Pilgrim Holiness church

Monday, 1st May–Jessups Community center day-with Fish fiesta

Tuesday 2nd May-Let’s talk program on VON radio focusing on old time norms and traditions

Thursday 4th May-Hanley’s road open day

Friday 5th May-Franklyn Browne Community center open day

Monday 8th May-St. George’s Parish –focus on the community

Tuesday 9th May-St. Paul’s Parish-focus on the community

Wednesday 10th May-St. John’s Parish-focus on the community

Thursday 11th May-St. James’ Parish focus on the community

Hard times community center open day

Friday 12th May-St. Thomas’ Parish –focus on the community

Tuesday 16th May-Barnes Ghaut open day

Wednesday 17th May-Butlers Community center open day

Thursday 18th May-Staff retreat for the Community Development department staff

Friday 19th May-Jumble sale, with an emphasis on new and good quality clothing and other items, at a cheap price

Sunday 21st May-Liturgical dance competition at NEPAC. Mrs. Meloney noted that the point is being made that the church is not being left out of community development

Monday 22nd May-Morning devotion on VON radio

Tuesday 23rd May-Prospect Community center open day

Wednesday 24th May-Brown Hill Community center open day

Morning devotion
Thursday 25th May-St. Paul’s community center open day

Morning devotion
Friday 26th May-Community Development day – A day dedicated to community development island wide, when persons are asked to help someone in the community; clean up an area or simply engage in some sort of community based activity. There will also be a huge event at the DR Walwyn Plaza, hosted by the department which will feature the sale of local foods and drink during the morning and during the afternoon, there will be a grand concert which will feature some of the top acts from the recently held St. Thomas’ and St. George’s festivals and other top acts on the island.

Monday 29th May-Pond Hill Community center open day

Tuesday 30th May-Community Development staff pot luck lunch

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