Community Focus at Franklyn Browne Community Center.

Combermere –St. James’ Parish-As the exciting activities for community development month continue to unravel during the month of May, the St. James’ community held its St. James’ Parish focus day, at the Franklyn Browne Community Center.

The activity in the main, was coordinated by Miss Curthlyn Liburd (Center manager)and Community Development Officer, Mrs. Greta Jeffers, assisted.

The focus was on the fruits and vegetables that are grown in the Parish and on farming, in general.

A booth was set up on the exterior of the building with a display of fruits and vegetables which included: Bananas; carrots; sweet peppers; seasoned peppers; nuts; herbs; onions; tomatoes; cucumber; cabbage and pumpkin.

Also on display and offered for sale, were some of the culinary delicacies such as chicken vegetable soup; carrot and white potato soup; pumpkin and sweet potato soup; pumpkin cake and sugar cake.

On the interior of the building, on neatly set up tables was a display of more fruits and vegetables which included coconuts; papayas; Jamaican callaloo; sweet potatoes; bitter sweet; dog apple; cherries; passion fruit; gooseberry; plums; bananas; pine apple and tamarind.

There was also a tea bush table with a wide variety of bushes which are used as local remedies.

Also on display were several farming/gardening tools.

Among the many persons who visited the FBCC on the day, were children from the VOJN Primary school and the Combermere Preschool, along with quite a number of community members.

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