Contestants for Culturama 41 revealed to the general public

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Charlestown was in an uproar on the afternoon of Friday, June 12, 2015 for the launch of the Culturama 2015 senior contestants.

Sixteen contestants for pageants in the upcoming Culturama 41 festival were officially introduced to hundreds of patrons who had gathered to witness the spectacular launch.

The participants arrived in Charlestown riding in all terrain vehicles, (ATVs) and led by masquerade dancers, to the apron of the Arthur L. Evelyn Building.

In brief remarks at the launching ceremony, Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister of Culture, Hon. Mark Brantley thanked the participants and the various committee members who are involved in shaping the festival to ensure that Culturama 41 is successful.

He also thanked Mrs. Deborah Tyrell and Mr. Antonio ‘Abonaty’ Liburd for their continued support, dedication and outstanding service to Culturama.

He used the opportunity to urge Nevisians to participate in the Culturama 41 festivities.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Culturama 41 Central Committee Deborah Tyrell encouraged everyone to support the activities. Apart from the traditional events, Mrs. Tyrell urged persons to support the ‘Poets in the Square’, Mr. and Ms. Talented Youth Pageant and Junior Kaiso Contest, Culturama 41Cultural Food Fair and among the other listed activities.

The contestants selected their sponsors on stage and a representative from each sponsor took the honors and sashed the participants. The contestants for Mr. Kool and Ms. Culture were then introduced to the general public by the 2014- 2015 reigning king and queen, Alphonso Henry and Ms. Akiesha Fergus.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Contestant Number 3 for the Ms. Culture pageant, Marencia Roberts.

The ceremony saw entertainment by Nevis Cultural Development Foundation, (NCDF) Masquerades, NCDF Drummers and King Astro.


Contestant Number 1: Shanika Joshua- Miss Lime Beach Bar & Grill
Contestant Number 2: Shirnaldeen Lewis- Miss Carib Brewery (St. Kitts-Nevis) Ltd
Contestant Number 3: Kanesha Jones- Miss Fit Wellness Center
Contestant Number 4: Raven Richards- Miss LIME
Contestant Number 5: Karimah Lake- Miss Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority


Participant Number 1: Romaine Mills- Inland Revenue Department
Participant Number 2: Wricherley Gumbs- Nevis Investment Promotion Agency
Participant Number 3: Arundell Dore- Nevis Tourism Authority
Participant Number 4: Delville Mills- Nevis Culturama Committee
Participant Number 5: Jevon Romney- Cultural Development Foundation


Contestant Number 1: Jonieka Smithen- Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis
Contestant Number 2: Keelia English- Miss Carib Brewery (St. Kitts-Nevis) Ltd
Contestant Number 3: Marencia Roberts- Miss LIME
Contestant Number 4: Evania Thibou- St. Kitts- Nevis Anguilla National Bank
Contestant Number 5: Harhsa Parmanand- Nevis Cultural Committee
Contestant Number 6: Babita Seelall- Nevis Land and Housing Development

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