Cotton Ground Rebels . Will they finally make history ?

The 2014 SKNABA Playoffs which Tips Off this Sunday might be one of historic proportions as not only will the undefeated defending Champions Challengers Exodus be looking to repeat and become the first team in years to win back to back titles . But the Nevis Champions Cotton Ground Rebels who placed second to Exodus in the Regular Season are confident that they will become the first Nevisian Team to win the SKNABA National Title.

The Rebels are no strangers to history making achievements. In 2005 they became the first Nevisian Team to participate in the SKABA League and in that year they breezed through the “A” Division easily winning the 2nd division title and after just their first season was promoted to the Premier Division. The team has never looked back as they have consistently made the final four including a finals appearance in 2010.

Much of the team has remained in tact for each of the close to 10 seasons that they have been participating in the SKNABA Tournament. However With the aging players and leaders of the team this playoff might provide their last opportunity with their current roster to win the SKNABA Title. They undoubtedly have the talent to make history. With Ghetto Roots out, the path for many teams including Cotton Ground has become much easier. Ghetto Roots along with Exodus were widely considered the two most talented teams in SKNABA over the last 5 years. With Ghetto Roots not In the picture Cotton Ground seems poised to make a formidable run for the SKNABA Title.

Will they make history? We will have to wait and see. The Rebels will see their first playoff action on Thursday October 9th when they play the winner of the Hitters v Ghaut Bucks match up this Sunday.
The Playoffs tips off this Sunday with two matches including Hitters vs Ghaut Bucks and Cayon vs PJ’s .

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