Cotton Ground to Host Big Match

The general public is cordially invited to witness a very exciting Cricket match to be played on Sunday 12th February, at the Cotton Ground playing field.
Cotton Ground is a village with rich cricketing history and has produced some of the finest players to ever grace a cricket field and many have represented Nevis and the Leeward Islands.
At least one, in the persons of Derrick Parry, has gone on further to represent the West Indies Cricket team
So, this coming Sunday-12th February, the battle lines have been well and truly drawn as the older cricketers in the village engage their younger counterparts in a an exciting T-20 encounter.
Come out and see former stars like Derrick Parry, Frank Monzac; BASSIE and others challenge the youngsters in what is promising to be an exciting contest.
It’s OLD versus YOUNG.
It’s bigger than the CPL. Bigger than the Big Bash,
Even bigger than the IPL
It’s Cricket-lovely Cricket at the Cotton Ground Playing field on Sunday 12th February, starting at 2 pm.
Make sure you witness it firsthand!

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