Court At Old Manor Resurfaced

Gingerland Hardcourt

The court at Old Manor has been resurfaced and presently looks like a spanking brand new court.

NTV Sports caught up with Oscar ASTRO Browne on Thursday and he gave an update on the improvements which was in its closing phase.

He stated that his team, which is led by Franklyn KUT Daniel, was approached by Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn about improving the Sporting area, which was in a state of disrepair and they took the challenge head on.

The work commenced approximately two Saturdays ago and involved, firstly, power washing the entire court; utilizing weedicides and acid to get rid of unwanted shrubs and then placing not one but two coatings of what he referred to as a RESURFACER.

The final phase of the work involved the remarking of the three courts.

So, now the folks in the Gingerland area and other areas are welcomed to utilize the three courts: Tennis, Netball and Basketball.

The court was previously lit and so athletes can utilize it at nights as well.

According to Brown, well-known local Tennis coach, Steven Webbe and David Walwyn, had a test run on the Tennis court, two nights ago and indicated that it was of a superior quality.

Browne further stated that the next move will be the court at White Hall which is also of a concrete surface and stated that the Grell Hull Stevens Netball Complex and other courts around the island, ‘are in the works’ but those may be done early in the new year.

The problem with the major Netball Complex is that it has an asphalted surface and in addition to the work done at Old Manor, that court will need the present asphalt totally removed, then re-asphalted, before his team can complete the other aspects of the repair work.

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