Cousins After All

Many persons have taken great pains to trace their family tree and for good reason, but it becomes more amazing, when you discover that you have been interacting with someone for an extended period of time and then suddenly realize that he/she is a close relative.

It was during the Cricket camp, hosted by the Youth and Sports Department, last week.

Keith Arthurton, former West Indies player, was at the ET Willet Park, observing as the youngsters going through their paces and giving timely advice.

As FIFA coach, Kimbel Ward passed close to him, both of them exchanged salutations and when he had passed, Keith whispered: ‘Who is that guy?”

He was told that it was Kimbel Ward, the much touted FIFA referee.

‘So, who is his mother?’ he asked.

‘Elrose from over Bath,’ was the quick response.

“Boy, that’s me cousin!’ Keith exclaimed.

He immediately called Kimbel and during their conversation, it was revealed that they were indeed cousins.

‘My father and his mother’s father are brothers,’ Keith explained. I have been greeting this man on and off for some time now and did not know that we were so closely related,’ he said.

Life is indeed strange.

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