CPL Player Draft- LIVE streaming

Please be advised live streaming of the CPL T20 draft can be viewed on the CPL T20 website – www.cplt20.com. The event takes place this morning at 10AM, Wednesday 5th June, 2013.

The Team Composition
Each team will be made up from 15 squad players with the first two players of each team being the pre-selected West Indian and international franchise players. The remaining 13 players will be four (4) Elite players (West Indian and International), seven (7) Eligible players and two (2) Under 23 players who will be selected from three (3) pools:

• A total of 26 players available for selection
• Fourteen (14) of these players are Elite West Indian players and eleven (11) are Elite International players
• Each team will have four (4) selections from this pool
• A maximum of two (2) Elite International players may be selected per squad from this Pool

• A total of six (6) International players, over 100 Domestic players and the balance of players from Pool A who were not selected
• Each team will have five (5) selections from this pool
• A maximum of one (1) International player may be selected from this pool

• Developing, talented Under-23 players from across the region and the balance of Pool B players who have not been selected
• Each team will have four (4) selections from this pool
• The first two (2) selections will be done on the same basis as in Pool A and B, with each team getting a pick
• The last two (2) selections will be non-competitive and teams must select Under 23 players from their country only (in the case of Antigua and St. Lucia this will mean players from the Leeward and Windward Islands respectively)
• No International players are in this pool

Player Salaries
O’Donohoe also outlined the salaries for the players in the draft.

• Franchise Players – US$150,000
• Pool A – Elite
o 1st Round – US$100,000
o 2nd Round – US$90,000
o 3rd Round – US$70,000
o 4th Round – US$50,000
• Pool B – Eligible
o 1st Round – US$40,000
o 2nd Round – US$25,000
o 3rd Round – US$25, 000
o 4th Round – US$10,000
o 5th Round – US$10,000
• Pool C – Under 23/Eligible – all four (4) rounds are US$5,000 each

To see the list of franchise players and coaches, click www.cplt20.com/team-locations/jamaica. To view the tournament schedule, click www.cplt20.com/fixtures and to see the list of CPL draft players, click www.cplt20.com.cpl_draft_players.

The inaugural Caribbean Premier League starts on 30 July in Barbados and concludes on 24 August in Trinidad.

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