CPS Celebrates Willet in Style

By: Curtis Morton

Having regained championship honours at the 2013 Interprimary championship, albeit declared a tie, with the St.Thomas’ Primary school, the Charlestown Primary School had another cause to celebrate in a big way on Wednesday 1st May.

Willet's cake
Willet’s cake

After all, it was the 60th birthday of their head coach, Elquemedo Tonito Willet, the first Nevisian and Leeward islander to make it to the West Indies cricket team. A feat which he accomplished 40 years ago.
The legendary but humble man was called onto the stage and the entire school sang for him the birthday song during which he was asked the usual question: How old are you now? Willet’s quick response was ‘I am sixty years old now,’ but he was careful not to sing.

Headmaster at the school, Mr. Kevin Barrett lauded his significant contributions as a well rounded sports man and coach and expressed the view: ‘You deserve every accolade coming your way.’

Willet was then presented with a wonderfully designed cake with the inscription: ‘Happy 60th birthday.’
Stevenson Manners and Almond Dasent, who had jointly produced a video documentary on the great man, were both present. Manners took time out to explain the rationale behind the production of the video and pointed out that it was a story about Elquemedo Willet, told in the words of the great man himself.

Almond Dasent then gave the audience a 21 minutes sneak preview of what the documentary entails. It involves a synopsis of Willet’s early childhood life; where he was born; his school life and his days of cricketing glory.

Everyone present was thoroughly pleased and enthused with the quality and thoroughness of the production. The producers have indicated that there is still some ‘fine tuning’ to be done before it is released for full public viewing.

Also present were other former West Indies cricketers, Stuart Williams and Carl Tuckett; Willet’s wife Sandrene and his two daughters.

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