Craddock Road-‘Doing It for Philo’

Coaches and players of the Craddock Road team, which is currently leading the point standings in the ongoing under 17 Football tournament, are adamant that all of their winnings and the quest for the overall winner’s trophy, is being done ‘for Philo.’
Coaches SHANGO and TRINI both indicated that the late Philo Wallace was part of the original make up of the team and along with the players, they have made the decision that every game will be played with a victory in mind, in honour of the late, outstanding sportsman.
Even the chant that has been adopted by the team, encapsulates the general theme of doing it for Philo.
The coaches spoke to the media after their match versus the Gingerland team on Thursday night.
According to coach SHANGO, the Gingerland team pushed his team really hard in the first half, ‘but my team came through. I knew they would do it,’ he said.
The final score: Craddock Road 2 goals and Gingerland 1
The goal scorer for Craddock Road was Shaheed Webbe and there was an ‘own goal’ by Raheed Arthurton.
Scoring for the Gingerland team was Javani Somersall.
The man of the match for Craddock Road was Shaheed Webbe and for Gingerland, it was Zario Chumney.
There will be a double header on Sunday 20th December at the ETW when Gingerland will take on St.Thomas’ and Craddock Road will play against Bath.
The finals will be played between the two top teams on Tuesday 22nd December. Craddock Road has virtually secured a spot in the finals already, having won all of their games so far.

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