Cricket : CPL Has Huge Economic Impact on St. Kitts And Nevis

Chris Watson, CPL’s Marketing chief, Chris Watson, is adamant that the 2021 CPL tournament, being played in St. Kitts, has had a huge economic impact on the twin-island federation.

He noted in a recent interview with Andre Huie, veteran media personnel, that the CPL organizers have spent millions of dollars locally, in hosting the tournament.

Those benefitting include, but are not limited to hotels, catering services, CPL staff members, transportation services, other contracted services such as security firms, cleaners, and local businesses.

He pointed to the fact that last year, the CPL tournament had more than 500 million viewers and that that number may have increased this year, which puts the twin-island federation in focus to the rest of the world.

This will hopefully result in more persons wanting to visit the federation for vacation and business purposes.

As the tournament climaxes, he is convinced that the semifinal encounters and the grand finals, will all be enthralling matches and the vaccinated fans will be able to witness all three matches live and in living colour.

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