Cricket : Empire Squeezes Highlights

The action in the ongoing league, hosted by the Nevis Cricket Association, continued at the VOJN grounds, on Saturday 28th November.

Empire engaged Highlights.  Highlights won the toss and elected to bat first.

After a steady start to the innings, suddenly, the Highlights team catapulted to just 104 all out, in 18.1 overs.

You would think that the Empire team would regard the total as ‘easy pickings?’  Not so, with this wonderful game of cricket!

The Empire men seemed in control, when they moved from 72 for 6, to 102 for the same 6.

Then it happened.

Lyte Browne had Jacel Allen caught and then 102 for 6, became 102 for 9.

Empire somehow managed to limp across the line, to secure the victory.

Summarized scores:

Highlights 104 all out in 18.1 overs: Virgil Browne 24; Bervis Burke 22; Mikyle Louis 20
Hosea Pluck 3 for 4; Trevier Smithen 2 for 7; Teewan Prentice 2 for 15; Reon Solomon 2 for 29; Adelvin Phillip 1 for 8

Empire: 106 for 9 in 16.5 overs: Kejel Tyson 33; Andre Browne 14; Nelson Bolan 13; 26 extras
Kezron Archibald 2 for 10; Jeremiah Louis 2 for 23; Shaquille Isles 2 for 29; Lyte Browne 1 for 2; Virgil Browne 1 for 30

Empire won by 1 wicket

Hosea Pluck-man of the match

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