Cricket : Grand Double Wicket Competition Upcoming

The manager at the Disaster Management Office, Brian Dyer has informed us of an exciting double wicket competition, which will be held as part of activities to commemorate International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The theme for the month is: ‘Building resilience through education while managing our multi-hazard environment.

The day will be commemorated on October 13th but the local office will host a month of activities.

These will include a church service at the Eden Browne church of God; a fun day, open to the general public; staff training; a gospel concert and a secular concert

One of the features will be the hosting of the double wicket competition on the 7th and 8th of October, at the VOJN grounds.

Teams will be named after man-made or natural disasters e.g. Floods, Tsunamis, etc.

Also, during the course of the matches, teams and the spectators present, will be educated on the various types of disasters and how to mitigate their occurrence.

Spectators can also win prizes for correctly answering questions pertaining to such disasters.

Teams will pay a fee of $40.00 to register and the winning team will go home with over $800.00

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