CSS Class Of ’84 Continues To Assist Deserving Students

Charlestown-Nevis- Thursday 11th July, was a significant day in the lives of several deserving students, on the island of Nevis.
An impressive ceremony was held at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church conference room on that day.
It was the fourth annual ceremony of this nature, to be hosted by the dynamic class of 1984, from the Charlestown Secondary School.
The ceremony was ably chaired by one of the class members, Mrs. Averil Farrell –Elliot.
Another class member, Mr. Denzil Stanley, gave the invocation and the national anthem was beautifully rendered by two former deserving students-Jeran Webbe and Xenobria Sutton.
Another class member, Mrs. Dahlia Bussue-Prentice, wowed the hearts of all present, with the melodious rendition of the song, previously done by Diana’ Ross, ‘if we hold on together.’
The feature address was delivered by Mr. Hensley Daniel, a former teacher of the class of 1984.
In his very eloquently delivered address, he stressed on three main areas for the students to be guided by:
Deep work- which he informed the students that they should dedicate at least two hours per day to undisturbed study and meditation, dealing with their various subject areas of choice.
STEM-an acronym for focus on such key subject areas as: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
Last but not least, he emphasized the importance of READING.
The next speaker, Miss Zahnela Claxton, the Principal Education officer, within the Ministry of Education, reemphasized the points made by Mr. Daniel and added the very important facet of the students making themselves available to commit to voluntary and uplifting community work, which she noted would help to make them in to well-rounded citizens.
The official presentation of certificates and the classy looking bag packs for the students (filled with a variety of school supplies), followed.
Words of appreciation were delivered by former awardee, Chadecia Hicks and the parents’ response was done by Ms. Antoinette Daniel, who was quick to point out that her daughter, an awardee for this year, Alyssa Gajor, is also the daughter of one of the class members of the class of ’84, Sylvester Gajor, who is now deceased.
The unique vote of thanks was done by another class member, the irrepressible Ras Iroy Pinney in his very entertaining and humourous manner.
Special mention was made of the class members who live overseas, who every year contribute significantly to the awards.
The deserving students, who were all top performers at their various primary schools, then posed for a photo opp with their parents; class of ’84 members and the officials present.
The awardees for this year are:

Shirmia Thompson-Charlestown Primary

Zadithu Williams- Elizabeth Pemberton

Keokona Charles- Ivor Walters Primary

Tianna Griffin- Joycelyn Liburd Primary

Phaine Clarke- Maude Cross Preparatory

Alixandria Johnson- Montessori Academy

Vikaesh Maraj- Nevis Academy

Alyssa Gajor- St James’ Primary

Kalliya Issac- St Thomas’ Primary

Sasha Browne- Violet O. Jeffers- Nicholls Primary

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