President of the Charlestown Secondary School Parent Teachers Association, Miss Vera Herbert recently indicated that her association will be hosting a fun day at the Villa grounds on Saturday 4th June.

Various booths will be set up on the grounds on that day, featuring such finger licking delicacies as hot dogs; chicken; goat water; smoothies; pop corn and a well stocked bar.

Additionally, there will be the bouncing castle and the water slide.

Mr. Spencer Brand who is the Treasure of the PTA noted that the association will also be having some fun games for parents and children such as lime and spoon; fishing with the long pole; covering the ten cents piece in the bucket, among other fun activities.

All of the monies raised will be used to towards beautifying the Charlestown Secondary school.

There  will be a small gate fee of $2.00 and tokens will be available at the booths.

There will be a special prize for the largest family on the day.

There will also be a movie shown during the course of the day at a designated tent.

Some of the games will also bring small rewards to the winners.

There will also be relay games including persons running with someone on their back.

There is also some entertainment planned for later in the evening which may include a fashion show.

Mr. Brand appealed to all parents, students and well wishers of the school to throw their full support into making the activity a success. He also appealed to potential sponsors to get on board in assisting the school in raising some well needed funds.

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