Culturama 45 Cricket Match Ends In Exciting Tie

The much anticipated Cricket match between the Nevis and St. Kitts senior Cricket teams, took place at the ET Willet Park, on Thursday 1st August.
The proverbial BATTLE OF THE NARROWS attracted a huge crowd at the ETW, with the spectators totally enthralled in the match.
St. Kitts captain, Terrance Warde, won the toss and elected to send Nevis into bat first.
Nevis got off to an aggressive start, complements of Jamie Cornelius and Ross Powell.
When Powell was caught, Andre Browne batted fluently until he pulled across one and was sent leg before wicket.
Tonito Willet came to the crease and played a gem of an innings, looking positive right from the outset.
One inside out, heave over extra cover for a maximum, would challenge stoutly for the shot of the day.
He unfortunately retired hurt, towards the end of the innings.
Nevis eventually got to a competitive 174 when their allotted 20 overs ran out.
The St. Kitts team on the other hand, also started aggressively, with young Jerrlious Louis making an early statement when he carted Nelson Boland unceremoniously into the Villa grounds, with the second ball he faced.
Once the openers departed, several batsmen batted around Akeem Saunders, who was the stand out batsman for the visitors and the spectators were constantly kept on edge, as the overs ran out.
It came down to 10 runs required from the last over. In other words, 10 runs from 6 balls.
Nevis’ Captain, Adelvin Phillip, took the responsibility upon his broad shoulders and the final moments are best described ball by ball:
First ball—an audacious scoop shot that went fine for four!
6 runs needed from 5 balls. St. Kitts in the ascendancy.
Second ball-The batsman charges wildly down the pitch-misses the ball-taken by the wicketkeeper and a loud appeal from the fielders. Umpire unimpressed. No runs.
6 runs needed from 4 balls
Third ball—driven nicely through the offside and the batsmen scamper for 2 runs.
4 runs needed from 3 balls-looks like St.Kitts has the game wrapped up. Adelvin Phillip and some of the senior players hold an emergency house of assembly meeting.
Fourth ball-wild swing-outer edge found-down to third man. The fielder does well and restricts the batsmen to one run
3 runs needed from 2 balls-another emergency meeting
Fifth ball-Another swing and a miss. The ball goes through to the wicketkeeper who sees them attempting a bye and throws at the stumps and misses. However, Phillip grabs the ball and knocks down the stumps at the non-striker’s end. Timber!
He is run out and the Nevisian players and supporters are in second heaven!
The tension at the ETW is cutting like a knife. The fat lady is probably hiding underneath the scoreboard.
3 runs to get from 1 ball.
What a game!
Sixth and final ball-Another wild swing and a miss. The batsmen are off and running. Wicketkeeper Ross Powell, instead of running up to the stumps with the ball, throws.
Dreadful mistake. He misses, much to the chagrin of his teammates and the Nevis supporters.
The batsmen turn for the second run.
He is way out of his crease, as Jason Campbell swoops on the ball. Adelvin Phillip is waiting by the stumps for the return, but Campbell throws to the wrong end and the batsman scampers home.
The match has been effectively tied!
Will there be a super over, as was the case with England and New Zealand?
The officials decided that they had had enough drama for one day and officially declared the match a tie.
So, at the closing ceremony which followed, the medals were given to the players and the Derrick Parry trophy was presented by the great man himself, to the captains of both teams.
For his wonderful knock of 54; Tonito Willet was declared the man of the match.
Small wonder if some folks will be visiting their Cardiologists today.

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