Culturama Games Rained Out

What started out as a really exciting event, was unfortunately rained out, as a passing tropical wave created havoc at the Mondo track, on Sunday 28th July.  It was the annual Culturama Athletic meet and had attracted athletes from at least nine countries, including host island, Nevis.

Undoubtedly, the largest contingents came out of Anguilla, followed by Antigua and Barbuda.  They not only travelled with a huge number of athletes but also, a huge number of vociferous supporters as well.

It all started on the night prior when the athletes and officials were treated to a cocktail reception, at the popular RIVIERE HOUSE, situated on Government Road.  At the reception, meet Director, Mr. Timothy Caines and Mr. Mackay Tross, both gave brief welcome remarks and allowed the visiting coaches from the various islands to also give remarks.

There was no ceremony on the day and the races got on the way despite the obvious overcast conditions.  The fair-sized crowd was treated to events such as shot put; high jump; javelin and long jump, before the on-track events got going.

There were several rain breaks and the athletic fans would have been holding their breaths and humming the well-known rhyme: ‘Rain, rain, go away.  However, well into the scintillating 100 meters events, the sky opened up and it virtually rained cats and dogs at the Mondo, effectively signalling an abrupt end to the meet.

The wind also created much damage, as several tents went toppling over, including the tent under which the food for the athletes and officials was housed.  However, Timothy Caines thanked the athletes for their participation and thanked the spectators for being there and for their understanding.

Some of the results released are as follows:

Girls 100 meters under 11
1st Zeila Harrigan-Black and Gold
2nd –Tyra Fenton-Roots Athletics club
3rd Jahkiara Mahabeer-Roots Athletics club

Boys 100 meters under 11
1st Tark Jackson-Anguilla Rainbow rockets
2nd Niakoy Phillip-Dynamics Sporting club
3rd Zahir Hennis-Dkps Panthers

Girls 100 meters under 13
1st Chanel Richardson-Dynamics Sporting club
2nd Gerilin Barnes-Roots Athletic club
3rd Sebastiana Reyes-Dynamics Sporting club

Boys 100 meters under 13
1st Johniff Gumbs-Anguilla Rainbow Rockets
2nd Dennison Stevens-Wings Sports club
3rd Kazaiyah Boatswain-Roots Athletic club

Boys 100 meters under 13
1st Sage Connor –Anguilla Rainbow rockets
2nd Winisha Michael Steele—Roots Athletics club
3rd Kydecia Edmeade-Anguilla Rainbow rockets

Boys 100 meters under 15
1st Keyondre Azille-Anguilla Rainbow Rockets
2nd Oshane Blagrove-Dynamics Sports club
3rd Jaquori Isaac-Charlestown Secondary

Girls 100 meters under 17
1st Tajah Gumbs-Black and Gold
2nd Thalia Hinds-Black and Gold
3rd Jiarah Driivers-Dynamics Sporting club

Boys 100 meters under 17
Terone Webster-Black and Gold
2nd Denzel Washington-dynamics Sporting club
3rd Kamarley Newton-Charlestown Secondary

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