Culturama Patron for 2019 Named

St. James Parish-Nevis-One of the most important announcements made at the media launch held by the Nevis Culturama committee on Friday 3rd May, was the announcement of the patron for the festival, for Culturama 45.
The announcement was made by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow.
He announced the patron as Ms. Felecia Hicks, better known to all, as Gladys France.
He noted that as an ambassador for culture, she has led out in the playing of the RED CROSS troupe, after being invited into the group by the legendary Georgina ANNIE Mills, in 1968.
She was also part of the Red Cross troupe that went to participate in the St. Kitts carnival in 1972.
She has also been actively involved in the TEA MEETINGS troupe and the BLUE RIBBON.
She was warmly congratulated by Minster of Culture, Hon. Eric Evelyn.

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