Culturama Spotlight: Ms. Culture Swimwear – Contestant #2

Ms. Stavena Lewis is the embodiment of a successfully strong, motivated and independent woman. A mother of one, she is determined to be the best mom and role model not just for child but for other young adults. She thanks God for the way she was raised by her parents, for now she can impart all of the same principles into the most influential person in her life, her son.

She has always had a passion for hospitality and modelling which resulted in her becoming a part of Identity and Flair Modelling Agency. Modelling for her is an avenue for self-expression where, even though she has faced strife in the industry for being a thick curvy model she still pursues her dreams and is comfortable in the skin she’s in. In terms of hospitality, her expertise lies mostly in bartending and it is that driving force that led her to open Dee’s Bar and Snackette.

Besides these passions, she enjoys other recreational practices like hiking and water sports. From these activities, it can be seen that she is actively fulfilling her motto “Live life to the fullest and make a difference along the way.” In the relationships she forms along the way, she strives to put out and receive trust, loyalty and respect.

Stavena sees effort, time and endless hours of training as necessary investments to be able to triumph in pageants. For her, a winner is a loser who tried one more time, learned and realized most of life’s lessons and was able to help other people.

All in all, Ms. Lewis feels that the essence of winning this pageant is for the people of Nevis to have a perfect point of reflection as to the kind of person who can become the face and voice of advocacy.

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