Culturama Spotlight: Ms. Culture Swimwear – Contestant #1

Tereka Browne is a blithesome person. This rare diamond entered the world on 10th October, 1994 to parents Shirley Browne and Grenville Boddie. This gem resides in the peaceful village of Maynard’s Ground.

Her early childhood education began at the Gingerland Pre-School, then the Jocelyn Primary School (formally the Gingerland Primary School) where she  was an honour roll student  in 2003, 2005 and 2006. Her education continued at the  Gingerland Secondary School, where she graduated with her CXC-levels subjects. She was a very active student, was a member of the Young Leaders Group in 2008 and became the school’s Student Council President during the years of  2009-2010. Being well-behaved, respectable and responsible, she also became a Student Prefect. After graduating from secondary school, she picked up her next education level at the CFBC College pursuing Architectural Studies.  Tereka is currently employed at the Inland Revenue Department as a Junior Valuation Officer.

At a very tender age, she grew to love dancing, so having that passion for dancing, she joined the Gingerland Methodist Church Sacred Arts Ministry Dance Group, where they did numerous dances at church an also at dance festivals. She then went further and joined the Afro-Caribbean Dance Group, where they have dance programs and do entertainment for a few of the hotels on island. Listening music is a thing that she likes as it relaxes her. Playing the steel-pan meeting new people, helping out and hanging with friends and family is also no problem to her. The 1st Nevis Girls Brigade and the Dynamic Sports Club are just a few of the other groups she’s committed to.

She took part in the return of Gingerama after a long hiatus, where she entered her very first pageant which was the 2015 Miss Gingerama Swimsuit Pageant. She emerged the overall winner, capturing all the segments creating history and being crowned the first ever Miss Gingerama Swimsuit Queen. The following year in December she then took up another pageant where she entered Mr Randy Jeffers Miss Sapphire Swimsuit Pageant show where she didn’t placed but captured the best two piece segment.

Entering those two pageants helped her to boost her self-confidence, get over her stage fright and readied her to take on another. It also taught her to mix and mingle with others more.

One of her main objectives in life is to go to university and attain a degree in the Arts and become a professional Dancer and Model. One of her favourite quotes is ‘Live Your Life’, because if you don’t who’s gonna do it for you?

She will also like to take the time out to wish everyone a safe and funfilled Culturama this year because it’s Our History, Our Legacy, Nevis Culturama 43!!!

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