Curriculum Development Unit Seeks to Empower Students Taking Test of Standards Examination

(EMU) – St. Kitts, June 6, 2013: Students taking the Test of Standards Examination have a greater opportunity to perform well given a renewed focus by the Curriculum Development Unit to ensure that they are well prepared for the June 11 to 19 sitting.

The unit which recently released study tips and preparation guidelines for examination takers at Primary Schools in the Federation, also has a goal to “De-stress the Test” by enlightening parents and teachers about the objective of the test.

The information received indicated that the test is designed to assess whether students have achieved the levels set by the particular class curriculum. It therefore covers material taught during the course of the school year and can help to determine the degree to which the student and by extension the teachers and school had succeeded in this regard.

The Test of Standards is administered in the subject areas of Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science and Technology to all students in grades three to six.

The role of the Curriculum Development Unit extends to/ includes the supervision of the marking process which is carried out directly after the test is taken. Subject coordinators at the Unit oversee teachers and other educators who are involved in the activity

Some of the study tips highlighted for students include finding a specific study space; being organized with study materials; self- motivation by considering the benefits of doing well; planning a study schedule; determining one’s study style and sticking to it; making one’s own study materials such as cue cards, taking good notes throughout the year; taking study breaks from time to time and testing yourself.

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