Denroy Morgan drops spoken word track

By: Jamaica Observer

FOR his latest single, veteran singer Denroy Morgan is ‘travelling’ a somewhat an unfamiliar route.

He describes the track, Prayer to the King, as “spoken word over roots-reggae”.

“Sometimes, the melody of a song is so sweet you don’t get a chance to hear the message. I want the listener hear the message, that’s why I went this route,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Co-produced by Coosie Miller, the Anthem Band and Morgan on the Asaph label, the track is scheduled to be released today.

Morgan, patriarch of the Morgan Heritage clan, said Prayer to the King is inspired by Psalm 72 from the Holy Bible.

“I wrote it when I was going through my trial with the US government on possession of drugs,” he said.

Morgan’s trial began in September 2011, when he was arrested in Bronx, New York, after it was reported that 25 pounds of marijuana was found in his vehicle.

He, however, was given a 90-day probation and ordered to pay a court filing fee of US$25.–spoken-word-track_18794721

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