Digicel Business Solves Chukka Caribbean Adventures Call Centre Woes

Monday 23rd March 2015 – Kingston, Jamaica: Digicel Business recently rolled out its Avaya-powered call centre solution so that Chukka Caribbean Adventures could better serve its customers through a centralised service.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures is one of the region’s leading action adventure tour companies, with locations in Belize, Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands. With a wide range of activities including zip-lining, forest and river excursions, Chukka offers customers an unforgettable experience by getting hands-on with the natural beauty of the environment. Having developed a strong customer base, the company continues to expand throughout the region, with plans to become a regional tourism operator in up to 20 countries in the coming months.

The Challenge

Chukka Caribbean Adventures had a call centre that handled all sales and customer relations issues for all five remote locations. It was later outsourced because of lower maintenance and operating costs. This however, negatively affected the company’s overall performance and customer satisfaction. There was also a lack of control and visibility of the operations and as a result, the call centre needed to be moved back in-house.

The Solution
Digicel Business deployed an Avaya IP Office call centre solution with 24 SIP lines which supports 12 agents and two supervisors with all functionalities. This allows for full visibility of company’s customer care and now, the team benefits from business intelligence that is gathered through the call centre statistics. Additionally, Digicel Business connected Chukka’s current Nortel BCM PBX to the new system for redundancy and failover – meaning the solution will continue to provide the service in the event of a system failure. This was a full turnkey solution as procurement of equipment, implementation, testing and training was all carried out by Digicel Business.

The Results

Chukka has seen a significant improvement in the customer feedback from its clients and partners who, in turn, improved the internal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the overall profitability of the company. With the call centre now being operated in-house, the company has full control and visibility of its operations, allowing for quicker mobilisation of resources. It also gives Chukka the option to resource the call centre as the need arises.

Furthermore, the company can now gather business intelligence used to help improve its customer experience. This in turn can be reviewed by the respective department heads to improve on aspects of the business, specifically, improved customer service.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures Director of IT, Alexander Melville, said; “Our business continues to grow as we expand to more countries and improve in our offerings – having reliable customer service and care is integral to our business growth strategy. We require the correct information at the right time from the right person and our connection with our customers and partners is a key differentiator. With the Digicel Avaya PBX call centre solution, we are able to service our various clients regionally.”

Sales Manager-Enterprise Solution, Godfrey Biggs at Digicel Business said; “Chukka Caribbean Adventures is one of the largest regional tourism operators in the region which delivers a fantastic product that customers across the world enjoy. They had a challenge fielding queries from customers and partners due to lack of technology support and as such, we implemented the call centre solution in order to maximise on Chukka’s customer interactions so that it can continue to improve its services.”

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