Digicel St Kitts & Nevis launches “My Digicel App” for BlackBerry Customers

Basseterre, St. Kitts (September 27, 2013) – Digicel is happy to introduce for the first time to its valued Smartphone customers, the “MyDigicel” App for Android and BlackBerry devices.

This Application provides customers with an easy way to access Custom

Digicel Smartphone customers can search for “MyDigicel” or “Digicel” in BlackBerry AppWorld for BlackBerry users and Google “PlayStore” for Android users.

This App allows customers to check their balance, review their current plans, receive the latest Digicel updates, view available plans and view expired plans.
Once the App has been successfully downloaded, customers will be taken to the “MyDigicel” login page which includes tabs to: Create an Account, Forgotten Passwords and Log-in. A typical user will stay logged in by clicking the stay logged in button and will not need to log-in again.

The password reset (“forgot password”) functionality generates an SMS or email to the customer with a reset code enclosed.
When registering on the MyDigicel App the phone number is ‘discovered’ from the SIM card or customers can enter their mobile number in the required slot. If the customer has an existing “MyDigicel” account they will not need to re-register.
The “MyDigicel” App is very user-friendly and aims to give the customer control of their Digicel experience by putting it into their hands, with the simple click on the phone screen. Another Extraordinary App for our Extraordinary valued customers.

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