Charlestown-Nevis-Director of Community Development, Mrs. Janet Meloney, on Thursday confirmed that the much anticipated Community Development Day, which is an integral part of the activities for Community Development month-May, is very much on schedule.

The day is planned for Friday 20th May and the main activities will be held in the center of Charlestown, at the D.R. Walwyn Plaza.

The day’s activities will be held under the theme:Our Community, Our Concern, Our Commitment.”

In an interview conducted with Ramie Gumbs of the Communications Unit of the Ministry of Social Development, Mrs. Meloney elaborated on the event:

The activity will be segmented into two aspects:

From 9.00 am to approximately 3.00 pm the focus will be on aspects of community life. There will be leaflets available for members of the general public which will provide information pertaining to the responsibilities of various community based officers such as Community Development Officers (CDO’S); Liaison Officers and Center Managers.

Information will also be provided on the use of the community centers and how they can be accessed by members of the public.

Individuals from various communities across the island will also be showcasing products highlighting elements of our rich community history and heritage.

The second segment commences at about 4.00 pm with a fashion show which will feature many aspects of our cultural heritage. These will include but will not be limited to: Presentations by the 2015 Gingerette girls; Mr. and Miss talented teens; modelling; past Culturama contestants; local designers; Japanese girls; King Astro and persons who want to sing or render items of poetry will also be allowed to perform.

During the course of the day, a well-stocked bar, featuring a wide variety of local drinks will be provided, along with a wide range of local foods. These will include: Mutton and tripe soup; stewed corn pork; corn pork cook up; mackerel and ground provisions; cassava bread; potato pudding; conkie; cassava mussa; Johnny cakes and salt fish; liver and cornmeal and much more—all sold at reasonable prices.

Additionally, one of Nevis’ top DJ’S will be on hand to provide musical entertainment throughout the day which will include a mix of the good oldie goldie tunes and the contemporary hits.

Persons present will also be afforded a chance to win some really nice prizes if they successfully answer questions that will be asked. According to Meloney, the questions will all focus on aspects of community life such as:

How many churches are there in Nevis?

Who is the Center Manager for the Brown Hill Community Center?

Who is the oldest person in the Jessups community?

Another exciting feature of the day will be the fact that VON radio will be on hand live at 10 am and later at 1.00 pm to bring the action live on radio and persons present will also have a chance to express their views on relevant community issues.

Mrs. Meloney is encouraging all able bodied persons on Nevis, to come on out on May 20th and be a part of the exciting Community day’s activities.

She is also inviting all Community Groups/Clubs/Associations and members of the various communities at large to be present at the activity.

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