Director of Sports Appeals for Huge Attendance at Netball Symposium

On Wednesday 6th March, Director of Sports on Nevis, Mr. Jamir Claxton, made a passionate plea for persons interested in the revival of the sport of Netball on the island, to show up at a Netball symposium, slated for this coming Saturday-9th March.
The very important session, will be held at the Disaster Management office, located at Long Point.
Claxton was careful to point out that his Department was not taking over the sport but because there is an obvious lull in the playing of the once beloved sport, his Department is seeking to revive it with the assistance of as many stakeholders as possible.
The discussion will center on the way forward for the sport and persons will be allowed to give their candid views and suggestions.
Out of that forum, Mr. Claxton is hoping to get an interim committed to run the affairs of Netball and then move towards getting a full blown Netball Association in place.
Members of the general public and sports enthusiasts, are cordially invited to the forum.

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