DJ’s don’t showcase the local music as it should be’ says Nevisian

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS (Thursday December 12th, 2019) – New to the music industry but honing his passion as a Dancehall artists, Shakel ‘Twenney One’ Campbell, is very familiar with rejection and the difficulty with getting support from local DJ’s when it comes to playing his music.

In an exclusive interview on Live from the Vinyard, Campbell explained “Local DJ’s don’t, even if they started at all, they don’t showcase the local music as it should be. They are mostly focused on the foreigners. You might try to talk to a DJ, but he will hear the song, likes the song but when they are in a dance, their actions would not back up the words.

“We have good music on the island whether its rap, hip hop, dance hall, you don’t even have to talk about soca,” he said.

He clarified that he has approached various artists and DJ’s for assistance but still lacks the support from others in the industry.

“I don’t have the support seeing that I am new on the scene, I will ask and trust me I have asked a lot of well-known artists, a lot of well-known DJ’s for help but I’m still struggling until today,” he said.

A common response Campbell states he receives after approaching DJ’s with his music is to send the audio in their email only to be responded with an “I have to check my email” and it ends there.

The Craddock Road native explained that his interest in singing came from his time incarcerated when the superintendent sponsors a show every year highlighting the inmate’s talent. He said that after seeing the passion and talent exerted by the inmates, he was motivated to start writing his own music which served as a good distraction from life on the inside.

“Writing music, I found that to be a get away place from distraction from the whole, being inside. For instance, I wake up in the morning have breakfast, as soon as I’m finished breakfast, I take up my book and my pen, sit on my bed and just keep going,” he said.

Campbell clarified that reading inspires him as well as he uses the environment to inspire him to write music. His advice to the upcoming artists is “you need to be strong; you need to have a strong mind, know what you want, and go after what you want and don’t let nobody stop you.

“It’s going to have days when you want to quit, there will be a lot of downfalls, a lot of days when you think you don’t or you shouldn’t or you can’t continue, take that day off and then try again the next day. You need confidence, high self-esteem, you need motivation, you need to be self-motivated, don’t look for motivation anywhere but yourself, be your own hype man,” he said.

Twenney one used the opportunity to make a plea to the public for more support to the upcoming artists.

“Give the new artists a chance, even if it’s just 20 seconds into the song. Listen to the new artists they are really good…its boosts the motivation a lot, it boosts the confidence a lot,” he said.

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