Dr Drew blasts PM Harris for referring to Cuba as “an acquaintance”

BASSETERRE, ST KITTS – Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris’ visit to Cuba last week to attend a meeting of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) should have been used to apologize to the Cuban leadership and St Kitts and Nevis students who study in Cuba for his negative remarks made nearly three years ago.

Dr. Terrance Drew, caretaker of St Christopher 8 for the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party said Harris’ visit to Havana also points to his deception and blasted him for stating on arrival at the Jose Marti International Airport that he was returning to Havana ‘to renew acquaintance.’

“This is disrespectful. Cuba is not an acquaintance. Cuba is a brother or sister island Caribbean nation. Cuba is a friend, not an acquaintance taking into consideration all of the contributions that Cuba has made to our healthcare system and to the human development of St. Kitts and Nevis. I am saying Dr. Harris is a hypocrite when he comes to the Cuba issue and he needs to apologize to the Cuban leadership and people,” said Dr. Drew who also recalled Dr. Harris’ attack on the Cuban leadership when he Harris stated: “When you are in ‘Castro land’ you do what Castro says. If Castro says eat potato you better eat potato. If Castro say eat rice, you better eat the rice and no say the grains are hard. They understand dictatorship so I wouldn’t be surprised if they want to practice it.”

When Dr Harris made those negative statements, Dr. Drew, one of scores of professionals who studied in Cuba denied that nationals and Caribbean students who study in Cuba are indoctrinated in communism.

What did Dr. Harris said then: “Wilson is a doctor trained in Communist Cuba. Who that? Doctor who? Vienna sausage is a doctor trained in Cuba. Well me ain’t want no Drew, me easy to catch cold we no want no Drew. How come all of these people trained in Communist Cuba? All of them…they must be Pen Pal; Are you a pen pal. So all of you went to do medicine and all of you come back and want to take over we country and it is happening at a dangerous time when democracy is under threat. Those who are trained in Communism are coming and they are saying all of us gone get involved in politics. Something not adding up, something fishy up de camp, something fishy but think about it; think about it.


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