Dylon’s disappearance still unsolved after five years

By Monique Washington

Five years have passed since 17 years old Dylon Clarke walked out of his mother’s house, at Church Ground Village, St. John’s Parish, Nevis and disappeared. Although the searches would have ended, the quest for justice has not.

Nevispages spoke with Ms. Evette Clarke, the mother of the missing young man on Wednesday. She noted that she is “catching herself and not breaking down anymore”.

Ms. Clarke said that if she knew that by allowing her son to give a statement on a homicide he might have seen being committed would have made him disappear, she would not have allowed him to do so.

Dylon would have celebrated his 22nd birthday on January 22, 2017.

On April 28, 2012, Dylon told his mother that he was going to a “friend’s house” and walked out of his Church Ground home and never returned. The teen was wearing a yellow polo shirt, a jean pants and a pair of black Nike slippers. An island wide search was launched and within days, two USVI Police Tactical Unit officers from the K9 department arrived on Nevis with their cadaver dog.

After the search the then Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Robert Liburd confirmed that the dog detected the scent of a dead body on the property of a Cane Garden resident who was at the time the prime suspect in Dylon’s disappearance. However when the area was dug up no remains were found.

Clarke said that although five years have elapsed she has not heard anything from the police in regards to the investigation into her son’s disappearance. Clarke senses that her son is dead but hopes to one day have his remains put to rest. She says she feels her son is tied down in the ocean.  She hopes that one day justice will prevail.

“Only one person is going to give justice and that is the Almighty, or maybe the person who did it will talk. But now people seeing things and not saying anything,” Clarke said.

In two years (2019) Dylon may be officially declared dead. Clarke said that if that time comes, something will be planned for the occasion.



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