Dynamics Sports Club League Interestingly Poised

By: Curtis Morton

Netball and basketball matches in the Dynamics Sports Club League continued over the weekend at the Old Manor Hard Court.

The Basketball game scheduled for Saturday 12th October between Hickman’s and Clay Ghaut Lightening was rained out and will be played on Tuesday 15th October. The winning team will play against Rawlings Ball All Day in a tie breaker on Thursday 17th October.

Points to date
(Maynard Ground) Gingerland Solders 20 pts

(Rawlins) Ball All Day 14 pts

(Zion) Zion Ballers 11pts

Hickman’s 9 pts

(Clay Ghaut) Lightening 9 pts

Netball games played on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

On Saturday night-12th October– Hanley’s Road (HR Rebels) vs. Zion (Pink Panthers).
Scores at the end of the game were:

6-27 in favour of Hanley’s Road (HR Rebels).

On Sunday night Rawlins (Nature Girls) vs. Clay Ghaut combined (Purple Gladiators).
Scores at the end of the game were:

15-13 in favour of Rawlins (Nature Girls).

Netball will continue on Saturday 19th October,2013 at 7:00 p.m. when Rawlins Nature Girls will play Hanley’s Road HR Rebels.

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