Dynasty Ballers Beat Church Ground Massives by Three Points

By: Curtis Morton

Dynasty Ballers managed to hold their nerves and edge out home team, Church Ground Massives on Sunday 26th October.

The match was the second in the 2014 edition of the Malcolm Guishard Basketball league which officially got underway that evening.

The Dynasty Ballers led in three of the quarters but with the home crowd support, the Church Ground Massives were always a shot away from equalizing.
However, it was the Ballers who were celebrating at the final whistle.

Match summary:
Dynasty Ballers 75 to C G Massive 72 points

First quarter Dynasty 19 to Massive 15
Second quarter Dynasty 21 to Massive 18
Third quarter Massive 24 to Dynasty 16
Fourth quarter Dynasty 19 to Massive 15

Dynasty Ballers 75 points
Norris Williams 22poi 11reb 1ass 3ste 1b/s 0 of 1 free throw
Justin Belle 12poi 9reb 3ass 3ste 4 of 5 free throw made
Trevin Nisbett 15poi 1reb 3ass 3ste

C G Massive 72 points
Cheslyn Hutton 32poi 7reb 4ass 7ste 1b/s 4 of 12 free throw made
Kirthni Esdaille 25poi 10reb 2ass 5 of 12 free throw made
Warren Bussue 6poi 9reb 2ass 1ste 0 of 2 free throw
In the first game of the evening, the St.James’ Royals edged out the Lawmen in a virtual thriller.
The final score: St.James’ Royals 54 Polstarzs 53

Match summary:
First Quarter Polstarzs 16 to Royals 8
Second Quarter Royals 12 to Polstarz 10
Third Quarter Polstarzs 18 to Royals 16
Fourth quarter Royals 18 to Polstarzs 9

St.James Royals 54
Orion Jones 9poi 9reb 4ste 1b/s 1 of 6 free throw made
Kadel Hodge 14poi 6reb. 1ste 4 of 9 free throw made
Gassano Barry 14poi 8reb 0 of 2 free throw made

Polstarz 53 points
Avien Archibald 14poi 3reb 1ass 4ste 1b/s 4 of 7 free throw made
Okeif Browne 13poi 3reb 1ass 4ste 2b/s 1 of 5 free throw made
Kevin Fahie 11poi 3reb 3ste 2 of 5 free throw made

The next game will be played this evening– Tuesday 28th with Old Skool engaging S G Ballers at 7:00 p.m.

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