Dynasty Ballers Secure Third Place in Nail Biter

It can be safe to say that 99.9% of the matches played in the 2018 edition of the Nevis Amateur Basketball Association’s (NABA) league, have been exciting.
It can also be safe to say that many of the die-hard fans, may well need to take their regular doctor checkups, a little early this year.
The one –off game between CG Massives and Dynasty Ballers, to determine the third placed team, was played on the evening of Saturday 23rd June, in front of a lively crowd.
The first quarter set the tone for the match, as both teams came away tied on 20 points.
Dynasty Ballers seemed to have lost the script in the second quarter and came away at half time, behind by all of ten points.
However, whatever was said by Coach Liburd at the break, paid dividends, as they won the third quarter by nine points.
The score at the end of the third quarter, was intriguingly positioned at 62 to 61, in favour of CG Massives.
The fourth quarter was a virtual dog fight and tempers flared, as both teams gave it their all in striving for the victory.
The referee occasionally had to caution players on both teams and the powerful Kelvin Bramble in essaying a dunk that misfired, ended up with a busted lip and had to be taken to the hospital.
With seven seconds remaining, the score was 82 –all. Dynasty Ballers took the throw in and the deft pass resulted in a crucial two points by Trevorne Simmonds.
Matthew Harding had three seconds to respond and he tried for the three pointer from way downtown but it hit the board……no good.
Dynasty had won!
Their supporters were ecstatic and the CG Massives looked massively deflated.
What a game!
Game summary:
Dynasty Ballers 84 CG Massives 82
First quarter 20 –all
Second quarter-CG Massives 23 Dynasty 13
Third quarter Dynasty 28 Massives 19
Fourth quarter Dynasty 23 Massives 20
Half time score: 43 to 33 in favour of CG Massives

Dynasty Ballers
Trevorne Simmonds 23 pts; 8 rebs
Orion Jones 29 pts; 9 rebs
Jaleel Huggins 13 pts; 3 rebs
Tyreek Freeman 4 pts; 10 rebs
CG Massives
Kelvin Bramble 24 pts; 18 rebs
Kirthney Esdaille 19 pts; 10 rebs
Matthew Harding 15 pts; 2 rebs
Karvin Smith 9 pts; 6 rebs

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