Dynasty Takes Convincing Win Over CG Massives

The action in the Malcom Guishard Basketball league continued on Sunday 18th November, with a sizeable and appreciative crowd in attendance at the Church Ground hard court.
In match one, Dynasty Ballers engaged the CG Massives.
It was a mixed baggage for the more seasoned CG Massives team.
They won the first quarter; fell asleep in the second; looked drowsy in the third and came wide awake in the final quarter to take that one as well.

However, they were trailing so badly, that it was a case of too little too late, as they went under by all of 16 points.
Final score: Dynasty Ballers 77 CG Massives 61
1st quarter CG Massives 20 Dynasty 14
2nd quarter Dynasty 26 CG Massives 8
Third quarter –Dynasty 18 CG Massives 10
4th quarter –CG Massives 23 Dynasty 19
Half time score 39 to 28 in favour of Dynasty Ballers
Dynasty Ballers
Trevorne Simmonds 24 points; 5 rebounds
Norris Williams 10 points; 10 rebounds
Creg Angol 2 points 12 rebounds
TYREEK freeman 8 points; 6 rebounds
CG Massives
Kirthni Esdaille 13 points 12 rebounds
Jason Williams 16 points; 4 rebounds
Floyel Stapleton 9 points 7 rebounds
Robert Morton 12 points 5 rebounds

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