Eagles hold the fort versus Dynasty Ballers

By:Curtis Morton

The final match in the preliminary round, in the ongoing Malcolm Guishard Basketball league, was a ring-dinger and did not disappoint the vocal crowd on hand.

It was the youthful, dynamic Eagles team, coming up against the more experienced Dynasty Ballers, on Saturday night.

The game was fast paced and exciting throughout, with the Eagles holding a half time lead of 32 to 27.

In the last five minutes of the game however, the Dynasty men seemed to have run out of gas and some dynamic lay ups by the Eagles, served to soar them into the lead and make a significant pull away.

Final score:

 Eagles 79 Dynasty Ballers 68

First quarter Dynasty Ballers 12 Eagles 11

Second quarter Eagles 21 Dynasty Ballers 15

Third quarter tied 19-19

Fourth quarter Eagles 28 Dynasty Ballers 22

Half time score 32 – 27 in favor of Eagles

Eagles 79 points

Kareem Parry 33 poi 1 reb 2 ass 5 ste 5 of 7 free throws made 5 turnovers

Thabiti Abrams 10 poi 17reb 1ass 1ste 3 of 66 free throw made 4turnovers

Gassano Barry 12 poi 11reb 1ass 2 ste 1b/s 4 of 7 free throws made 3 turnovers

Lynchard Charles 6 poi 15 reb 3 ste 0 of 4 free throws 5 turnovers

Dynasty Ballers 68 points

Trevorn Simmonds 26 poi 7reb 5ass 5ste 8 of 14 free throw made 6turnover

Orion Jones 18 poi 6 reb 1 ass 2 ste 4 of 4 free throws made

Creg Angol 7 poi 7 reb 3b/s 1 turnover

Jaleel Huggins 9 poi 2 reb 4 ste 1 of 2 free throws made 2 turnovers

In the first match of the evening, Ole Skool effectively took care of Bronx united with a scoreline of 74 to 55

Ole Skool 74 Bronx Crisis 55

First quarter Bronx Crisis 17 Ole Skool 16

Second quarter Ole Skool 25 Bronx Crisis 11

Third quarter Ole Skool 14 Bronx Crisis 6

Fourth quarter Bronx Crisis 21 Ole Skool 19

Half time score 41 – 28 in favor of Ole Skool

Ole Skool 74 points

Shawn Forbes 33 poi 16 reb 7assists 3 steals 1b/s 15 of 22 free throws made 8 turnovers

Vance Allen 21poi 6 rebounds 4 assists 4steals 3 of 5 free throw made 3 turnovers

Shevon Browne 6 poi 9 rebounds 2 assists 4steals 4 turnovers

Julian Nisbett 8 poi 9 rebounds

Bronx Crisis 55 points

Lenroy Parris 18 points 4rebounds 2 assists 1b/s 2 of 2 free throw made 2 turnoves

Kevin Franklin 4 points 11rebounds 2 assists 3 steals 3b/s 3 turnovers

Shemar Caines 11points 4 rebounds 2 assists 1b/s 2 of 2 free throw made 2 turnovers

Kelvin Bramble 10 points 9 rebounds 3 steals  3b/s 2 turnovers

Malcolm Guishard Basketball League 2017

Points Standing

C G Rebels            13 points

C G Massive        11 points

Bronx Crisis           5 points

Dynasty Ballers   11 points

Ole Skool               9 points

Eagles                  11 points

Three teams tied with 11 points

All three teams game points (how many points they won by) and wins were added and lost points (how many points they lost by) subtracted. In the final analysis:

First Place C G Rebels

Second Place Eagles

Third Place C G Massive

Fourth Place Dynasty Ballers

Playoff starts Tuesday 14th 7:00pm second place vs third place-Eagles v CG Massives

Thursday 16th 7:00 pm first place vs fourth place-CG Rebels v Dynasty Ballers

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