Easterns Upset SDA Jets

In what has to be considered an upset of sorts, Easterns got the better of SDA Jets, as the Sports Department/Development Bank tape ball Cricket tournament continued at the ET Willet Park, on Sunday 22nd October.

SDA Jets won the toss and elected to bat first and soon after, saw the unfortunate run out of Curtis Morton Jr, from what should have been signaled a ‘dead ball’, as the batsman was attempting a run from a ball which he thought had played, but had effectively struck the batsman in his side.

Curtis Morton Sr went on the marshall the innings and with assistance from Zavero Forbes and Malik Wallace, to get the total to an eventual 82 for 5.

SDA Jets would have thought that was more than enough but were shocked by the quick response of the Easterns team, who got off to a rapid start from the first two overs.  By the time, the Jets realized what was going on, it was a little too late, even as they clawed back into the game and brought it down to a nail-biting four runs required from the final over.  Basil Manners, Sterling Marshall and Sheldon Hobson, all made significant contributions.  SDA Jets dropped too many catches, at critical points in the game.

Summarized scores:

SDA Jets 82 for 5 from 10 overs
Curtis Morton Sr 29
Zavero Forbes 16 not out
Malik Wallace 15

D. Fyfield 2 wickets;
R. Fyfield 1 wicket

Easterns 86 for 3 in 9.5 overs:
Basil Manners 22
Sheldon Hobson 20
Sterling Marshall 19

Curtis Morton Sr; Curtis Morton Jr and Malik Wallace 1 wicket each

Easterns won by 7 wickets.



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