ECCB Hosts 18th Annual Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) began hosting the Annual Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture series in 1996, in honour of the memory of Sir Arthur Lewis, Nobel Laureate in Economics, who made a significant contribution to Caribbean regional integration.

Dr Neville Duncan, Professor Emeritus of the University of the West Indies will present the 18th Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium, ECCB Headquarters on Wednesday, 6 November.

Dr Duncan will speak on the theme: “Awesomeness in Troublesome Times: The New Industrial Revolution and the Workforce in the Eastern Caribbean.”

Dr Duncan holds the BSc Economics and MSc Government Degrees from the University of the West Indies, and a PhD from Manchester University, England.  Dr Duncan, a political scientist, has researched and published on Caribbean government and politics, political economy, poverty, community empowerment, and non-governmental organisations, and on issues of international relations and development.


In addition, Dr Duncan has undertaken considerable scholarly work in governance, poverty and community development and has had important consultancies with various regional and international organisations including: the World Bank, Organisation of American States (OAS), UNICEF, International Labour Organisation (ILO), CARICOM, and the Oxford Committee for Farming Relief (OXFAM).

Dr Duncan is a prolific writer and scholar having written and published nine books, 23 consultancy reports, over 70 academic and scholarly articles, several other research work, and hundreds of papers and manuscripts.

Following the Lecture, the ECCB will present the 5th Annual Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Book Award to the Montserrat Community College.  The award, which is valued at $2,700, is presented annually in alphabetical order to a selected college in the respective ECCU member country.


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