Eddy Caines Richards annual Coaching Program coming up

Eddy Caines Richards, the prolific Coach at the St. Thomas’ Primary school, spoke to the media on Thursday and revealed that his annual Summer Football Camp will commence on Monday, July 10, 2017 and conclude on Friday, July 21, 2017.

He noted that letters have already been sent to the various Primary schools and that the coaches at those schools are assisting in liaising with the teachers and parents to ensure that the children are positively engaged during their summer vacation.

The registration fee is only $50.00 EC but Richards wants the parents to focus on completing and submitting the forms as a matter of priority, which will also indicate the T-shirt size of their children and then they can pay the money at a later date.

On reflecting on the start of his program, Richards recalls that he started with just four students 13 years ago and one of his first assistant coaches was Evred WEBBO Herbert of VON radio fame, who he thanked for his assistance throughout the years.

He also took time out to thank all of his stalwart sponsors over the years, such as Hon. Mark Brantley, Nevis Multi-line (Andy Liburd); the Nevis Credit Union; Social Security; the Bank of Nevis; Nevis Springs Water and many more, who have all helped to make the program possible.

He also thanked his coaches who have assisted throughout the years and his support team which include such persons as his wife, Janice, Rohan Isles and a number of other key figures from within the community.

As per usual, the children will learn the basics of the game of football, such as dribbling, shooting, controlling and even goal keeping skills.

Richards noted that apart from the Football aspects, certain key speakers will also interact with the participants on certain key social issues, so that at the end of the course of training, they would all be better rounded individuals.

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