Effective Leaders Live In Perpetual Optimism, Says ACP Queeley –

Basseterre, St. Kitts, December, 11, 2015 (RSCNPF) – After six weeks of grueling training, 25 Police Officers from Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and St. Kitts and Nevis sat attentively during a Regional Security System (RSS) Leaders Course completion Ceremony on Thursday (December 10) and embraced the challenge to be the best leaders they can be in their respective Police Services.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ian Queeley in his remarks to the graduates, first shared that he attended the course some 25 years ago, ACP Queeley then higlighted the significance of the course. “Today’s ceremony is a milestone in your career. It will be the foundation for many of your future assignments in your various organizations. When it is time for new assignments, when it’s time for advancement, the boards will invariably ask, did he or she attend the ‘Leaders Course”. He added, “a positive answer to this question however, will only scratch the surface. What will really matter is how well you embraced and implemented the concepts and best practices of this course in your day to day performance of your duties.”

Members of RSS Leaders Course 01 2015
Members of RSS Leaders Course 01 2015

He then gave the group 5 points to consider and embrace as they begin their journey as new leaders in their respective organizations.

“Leadership is built on trust, trust from your superiors… trust from your peers…, and trust from those you lead.”

ACP Queeley added, “Leaders take counsel. Engage your team in planning, in training, in all aspects possible of the units work, and listen to the feedback. …listen and don’t be afraid to embrace their suggestions. Doing this does not diminish your authority, conversely, it builds their confidence in you as the leader ….it builds morale, and produces dynamic results.”

“Outstanding leaders understand and embrace, it’s about people. Take care of your teams. Encourage them to take care of their loved ones, make the work fun, respect their down time, embrace their passions and celebrate their milestones, he told the Officers.

The future of our Police services will depend on you, he challenged the Officers, and said, “Great leaders build leaders. Develop your subordinates. Push them, encourage them, give them the tools to be effective. Give them credit for their great ideas, and very important, hold them accountable,” expressed ACP Queeley.

He ended by reminding the graduates, “Outstanding Leaders Live in Perpetual Optimism. They believe, if it can be done, we will do it. Challenge your team to exceed expectations. Set goals for your teams, and celebrate those achievements.”

Remarks were also presented by The Hon Dr. Timothy Harris, Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis and Minister responsible for National Security and the Executive Director of Regional Security System (RSS) Mr. Grantly Watson.

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