Efforts Progressing to Extract Water From Cayon Well

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS): Work to extract water from the newly discovered well in Cayon and add it to the distribution system is progressing as the government moves to address the water shortage challenges resulting from climate change.

The well was discovered in August 2023 following drilling by the Bedrock Exploration Development Technologies St. Kitts Ltd. It is expected to provide between 700 thousand and 1 million gallons of water per day.

On Wednesday’s (October 11, 2023) edition of InFocus, Minister of Utilities, the Honourable Konris Maynard, updated the public on the extensive steps that are being carefully undertaken to extract the water from the new well, which has already been tested and deemed potable – safe to drink.

He said that tests also had to be done to determine how much water comes out of the well. This will inform the selection of an appropriate pump.

“It is not something you pick up at TDC or Horsfords. So, once you make those determinations, it will then take a few months … to get the pump manufactured according to the characteristics of the well because a pump that pulls water from 500 feet below the ground is different from a pump that pulls from 300 feet. It’s different from a pump that pulls 100,000 gallons to a pump that pulls 500,000 gallons, so once the characteristics are known, then you have to put in your order for a pump,” Honourable Maynard stated.

The minister added that “the casing has to be built, the housing has to be built and so generally we say it takes about six months to get going, and since we started around July – August, you can gauge there.”

He noted that the government is trying to expedite the process so that residents can enjoy greater access to water as soon as practical.

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